Corporate Closure Management

In the course of a business, it may become necessary to wind down a division or even an entire company for various reasons such as reorganization of core businesses or due to declining profitability.

It is an area that many businessmen or entrepreneurs are not familiar with and in this regard, we are able to assist and free your time to concentrate on growing your other business ventures. You are able to leverage on our experience and expertise in winding down and closing businesses.

We are able to assist in:

  • Helping you to decide whether closure is the best option;
  • Establish the cost of winding down a business;
  • Monitoring and/or managing cashflow on your behalf during the winding down period;
  • Managing the business during the winding down period;
  • Coordinate negotiations with employees, creditors, shareholders and government authorities pertaining to the closure;
  • The disposal of assets; and
  • Statutory compliance.